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What conditions do your psychiatrists and psychologists treat?

Our psychiatrists and psychologists have broad expertise treating a range of mental health issues affecting children, adolescents & adults. Among the disorders that we treat are depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and other compulsive behavior disorders, tic disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, and autistic spectrum disorders. We also have expertise in helping our patients to navigate major life challenges such as role transitions, failure to launch, grief and loss, relationship conflicts, and parenting issues.

Are appointments conducted virtually or in-person?

Our administrative team and clinicians work together with patients to schedule care that is comfortable, accessible and effective. For some patients, virtual care using HIPAA compliant video conferencing is the right fit.  For other patients, particularly young children, in-person appointments may be more appropriate or more effective. Finally, for many patients we have found that a mix of virtual and in-person care can provide the right balance. 

Where do your clinicians see patients in-person?

We have offices in Manhattan (Upper East Side), Westchester (Rye Brook), and Connecticut (Greenwich). 

Do you accept insurance?

Our providers are "out-of-network," meaning that our practice does not directly accept insurance. We do provide coded superbills for each visit, which patients can then submit to their insurance plan for reimbursement, assuming that their insurance plan has out-of-network benefits.

How can I find out if my medical insurance will provide reimbursement?

Patients can contact their insurance company to inquire about whether their particular plan has out-of-network benefits for outpatient mental health care


Reimbursement rates can vary greatly depending upon each individual insurance plan. Information that an insurance company might ask in order to better estimate a patient's insurance reimbursement rate includes if treatment will be provided by a psychiatrist (M.D.) or a psychologist (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) and the procedural codes (CPT codes) that our practice will use for billing.

For sessions with one of our psychiatrists, the most common CPT codes that we utilize are CPT code 90792 for the initial session, and then BOTH the CPT code 99213 and the CPT code 90836 for all subsequent sessions.

For sessions with one of our psychologists, the most common CPT codes that we utilize are CPT code 90791 for the initial session, and CPT code 90834 for all subsequent sessions.

What types of payment do you accept?

Our offices accepts payments via credit card, direct bank transfer, Apple pay, and check.

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